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Little League Classic was a HUGE success for the Cubs and young ballplayers!

Yesterday was the 2019 Little League Classic. It was a special day for MLB, the players on the Cubs and Pirates, the fans, but most importantly the young athletes who are part of the Little League World Series. As a fan of the Cubs (or even a fan of MLB), it was wonderful watching the Cubs interact with the young athletes. I couldn't tell who was having more fun, the young athletes or the current Cubs. It was a great experience for the youngsters being around pro athletes, asking them questions, autographs, and just having fun. For the Chicago Cubs and coaching staff, this was really needed and I believe will be a BIG BOOST for the team (who has been on a slump on the road). For the Cubs, it was like a trip back to their childhoods, remembering why they love this game and why they got into it. I haven't seen the Cub players smile that much, at least not that much since 2016. This was something that I felt was missing this year. 2016 (and 2015), we saw the young Cub players (and few veterans on the team) do special events together and act like kids. Coach Joe Maddon made a special environment for his team that no other MLB team had, which I believe has been missing this year. Every pic and video I saw of Anthony Rizzo yesterday had a big smile on his face. That special morning and afternoon interacting with the young players feed into the night game. The Cubs offense and defense looked great AND relaxed. I really believe this will help the Cubs for the next week or two. They just need to keep it going past that (especially the next road series against the Mets who are playing better ball now and have the best rookie in MLB).

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